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Fell LaneFell Lane is a family run farm situated in the North Tyne Valley in Northumberland. It is an upland farm rising to 750 feet, 3 miles from Hadrians Wall and 40 minutes from the Scottish Border.

The ability of the Aberdeen Angus to utilize the traditional permanent pasture without the use of bought in concentrates and their docility was the reason we changed from a commercial Limousin cross suckler herd in 2008, with females carefully chosen from the renowned Nightingale herd and expert help from the Robertson family.

The herd is run on a strictly commercial basis with only the best of the progeny being offered for sale.

The herd is part of the Biobest Hi Health Scheme.

Currently on a 4 year TB testing interval

Routinely vaccinating and testing for BVD

Routinely vaccinating and testing for Lepto

Level 1 Johnes
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